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    Leesa, I would like to take you up on this fantastic offer.

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    Hi Leesa. Would love to book a session with you.

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    Thanks Trevor - I am so looking forward to it. I did actually train in Massage 14 years ago and ran a very busy practice for a couple of years. I miss having regular treatments, only having one or two since moving here 6 years ago which is just shocking!

    I love your holistic approach, in particular the suggestion that I begin to think about how I want to feel after the Massage - it's very powerful!

    Looking forward to Friday 30th at 10am.

    Thanks Trevor!

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    Hi Leesa. You're in the book for Friday 30th November ar 10am.

    I invite you to start thinking about how you want to feel at the end of your Massage, before you actually arrive for your session. As soon as you start thinking about this, you are beginning the treatment! Do not worry if you are unclear – it is my job to help you clarify this when you arrive. Normally it only takes a minute or two.

    As a qualified Massage Practitioner, I can offer you several different Massage treatments; and each one can be done in a variety of styles, so it is worth spending a few moments thinking about your outcome: How do you want to feel at the end?

    Like most natural therapies; Massage has a cumulative effect; meaning that when you have regular sessions, one or two weeks apart, you will notice more benefits each time. Your body ‘remembers’ how good it felt after the previous session, and automatically starts to release tension the moment you get on the table! This means that your third session is ten times more effective than your first. This is just how ‘touch medicine’ works. It is probably the most ancient medicine on the planet. Pick up the booklet “An Ancient Formula…” next time you come in for a session if you want to read more about this.

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    Hi Trevor I would like to book a session with you please - could you do Friday 30th November at 10am?


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    CollaborActions Member Nicky was having problems selecting gears on her bike, so she asked me to take a look. The problem was the twist grip shifter mechanism had broken, so I bought some new shifters (much better quality) to suit her budget.

    Another satisfied customer!

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    I was asked by a member of the Network to source a bike for his wife. I found him a Giant Rock SE that had hardly been used, I stripped it down, cleaned it - renewed all the cables and reassembled it as good as new and ready to be ridden.

    Another satisfied customer!

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    OK, I will wait to hear from you.

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    Hi Nicola,

    I can do Thursday 8th November, I will message you with some times.

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    Hi, Leesa I would be really interested in this. Please let me know when you are next out and about in Brackley. Nicola

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    Here's a fantastic resource for finding out what's on in Northants in October

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    Limes Farm is nestled in the heart of Farthinghoe village between Brackley and Banbury. The farm has been in our family for nearly 200 years and we are passionate about keeping old farming traditions alive.

    We believe it is this philosophy that makes Limes Farm products very special and we hope you will too. Our farm shop and tearoom is open 9am-5pm Tuesday to Saturday and 10am-5pm Sundays – we look forward to seeing you.

    Our beautiful shop and tearoom is located within our converted medieval barn just inside the entrance to the farm.

    The shop sells our delicious homemade produce including our famous jams and chutneys, sweet and savoury tarts and cakes, homemade meat pies and other ‘ready to go’ homemade meals! We also have fresh produce including fruit and vegetables, salad, milk and eggs and freshly baked bread...

    Limes Farm is also delighted to showcase other local food and drink heroes in our shop and we stock a range of delightful treats from local speciality suppliers such as Brackely Wines, Plush Chocolates, Wessex Mill Flour and many more...

    We also have lots of locally made gifts, cards and other home wares and a selection of art from local artists and galleries.

    Within the farm shop is our tearoom where you can enjoy a pot of tea or speciality coffee and a slice of our award-winning cake. We have free Wi-Fi available for our tearoom customers so you can catch up on your emails and surf the internet.

    The Limes Farm tearoom menu will change on a seasonal basis as we adapt to the produce available locally and what is ready on the farm.

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    Here's a fantastic resource for what's on in Oxfordshire in October

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    The CollaborAction Working Morning at Limes Farm has been confirmed for Monday 22nd October 10am to 2pm. Lunch 1-2pm

    Don't muddle along on your own - spend a productive morning working ON your business aided by 3 other 'like minded' business owners, sharing ideas and different perspectives and getting stuff done!

    Limited places available - please book.

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    Hi Nicky, would love to book a Monday for a 'pop-up' CollaborAction event - will contact you.

    Great to have you and the lovely Limes Farm in the Network Nicky.


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    We all use personal finance and most of us are borrowers too. Zero-credit formed as co-operative in August 2010 to trade in research and development for personal finance, so that borrowers can have a say in financial products and services. We believe in consumers and professionals making informed choices together.

    Zero Credit work with very little money, investing every penny of profit in creditfree tools for visitors to their site. It costs £1 to own a share in our coop. All we ask is that you are aged 16 or over and have personal experience of borrowing. This gives you a say in our work, whether that's running it, or contributing to it, as staff or volunteer.

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    I provide great value web site solutions for businesses, individuals and organisations.

    Here at, the best of Bicester web design, the aim is to make it as easy for you as possible!

    Are you….
    Starting your own business?
    Expanding your existing business?
    Looking for more customers?
    Changing your image?
    Losing customers to competitors?
    Wanting to give a professional look to your business?

    Then perhaps I can help. With over 20 years experience in commercial business, as well as IT, I believe I can offer you a service with a difference.

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    If you thought your only two options were to either queue up to send your parcel or pay over the odds for door-to-door couriers then think again. P4D | Parcels for Delivery works in partnership with the major courier services companies such as Parcel Force, Citylink, TNT and Yodel to offer you heavily discounted parcel delivery and pallet delivery.

    Courier services need not cost the earth! You can even carbon offset your delivery. No need to queue for your large parcel delivery, you can book online with P4D.

    If you ship thousands of parcels every month you’ll get a great rate with the couriers direct. If you don’t, booking a parcel delivery can be a real headache and pallet delivery will be expensive. That’s where we come in. As a whole we ship thousands of parcels every month and so get cheaper rates; this is what we pass on to you.

    Parcels are collected from your door. We are experts in parcel delivery courier services.
    Because we’re also a software company, we want to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to book with our partner couriers.

    The feedback we get most often is how easy our website is to use, whether you’re booking one parcel delivery or many in one go. The second piece of feedback we get regularly is how good our customer service is.

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    The East Oxford Farmers' & Community Market is a small, friendly local market which can provide the staples for your weekly shop, all from sources within 30 miles of Oxford: bread, eggs, milk, vegetables, cheese, various meats, refills for cleaning supplies - as well as a range of other products such as jewellery, clothing and secondhand books.

    It has been running since August 2006, and is a non-profit making organisation, run by a committee and a group of volunteers.

    We are passionate about the market and what it sells. We actively source food from within 30 miles of Oxford and encourage community stalls run by local residents. We also offer Fairtrade produce from further afield and try to make sure it comes to us by land or ship. Further details are available in our Market Manifesto.

    The market has a cafe which runs each week selling delicious breakfasts, lunches, cakes and fair-trade teas and coffee. This is a lovely place to meet up and take a break from shopping.

    Head down Cowley Road until you reach Tesco, and we are at the East Oxford Primary School directly behind the car park.

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    “Leesa - Thank you so much for introducing me to your fantastic Collaboractions initiative. As a result of ‘signing up’ you introduced me to the outstandingly wonderful Dr Sue at Web to Success. Our initial meeting cost only Cc25 action pounds and was covered by our minimal subscription anyway. Sue is a total 'mind of information' and a real gem. We have already seen an improvement in web traffic as a result of her efforts! You brought us together!”
    Gary Anderson, Touch of Pine a World of Oak.