Time to get your bike serviced... (Unpublished)


Submitted by Member 4 on 4-Mar-2013

Baynards BikesSpring is in the air and I'll soon be cycling into work again!  12 miles a day, keeps me fit, it's a great ride and I save a fortune on petrol!

I refurbish and maintain MOUNTAIN and ROAD BIKES stripping them down completely, de-greasing all parts, replacing any worn parts with new and re packing bearings with new grease.

If you have a bike that needs servicing, just let me know - I can pick it up from you, service it and drop it back to you, usually within a couple of days. 

If you need a bike I can source one for you, or I can advise you on what's best to suit your needs. I have a range of great Mountain Bikes for sale, as well as bikes that are coming through the workshop - that will be ready for sale soon.

I'm happy to accept Action Pounds for servicing or sourcing.  Please contact me through the site or visit my website: www.baynardsbikes.blogspot.com for more information.

Expiring: 27 06 2018