CollaborAction POP UP GTD events (Unpublished)


Submitted by Member 3 on 19-Nov-2012

We all have needs in business, whether it’s more customers/clients, better resources, innovation, marketing, keeping up with all the new technology, social media and online developments.

If you work a lot on your own… productive ‘in-person’ CollaborAction POP UP GTD (get things done) events are a must!

We’re all experts in business! Exchanging our skills, different perspectives and collaborating on ideas with other business owners, who have ‘been there and done that’ and can share proven solutions – is intensely rewarding, more effective and creates much better outcomes.

The Next CollaborAction Working Event takes place on
Monday 3rd December  from 10am to 1pm @ Limes Farm, Farthinghoe.

We (that's you, me (Leesa Daymond ideas, innovation and social media) Paul Stewart (business strategist) and Jane King HR Consultant) will spend 40 mins of focused attention working ON your business.

We each share what we need help with and then we all collaborate, offering ideas, different perspectives and solutions - so we all GTD! 

Collaborating and working in this way, with other business owners is incredibly satisfying and productive, you get a lot more done than when you work on your own in your normal environment - which is (in my own experience) often plagued with distractions.

Everyone leaves the morning with a list of specific actions they’re eager to take, plus the motivation, connections and some new resources to use in their business ongoing.

We finish the day off at 1pm - giving you plenty of time to get back to business or the school run.

Cost : Cc20 Action Pounds (if you are a CollaborActions Network member) or £20 sterling if not.

Here's a link to the Limes Farm website so you can see just how LOVELY the venue is

E: [email protected]

Mobile: 07894 460234

Expiring: 27 06 2018