Baby's Day Out Video (Unpublished)


Submitted by Member 381 on 5-Jun-2013

£250.00 (£150 of which can be Action Pounds)

Baby's day out is a 2 - 3 minute film set to music of you and your baby  (suitable for babies from 6 - 18 months).  The film is set to music.  I would come to your house and film your baby at your home, doing ordinary every day things, like getting up from a nap, eating food, in the bath, playing with siblings/ pets, interacting with parents and other family members.  Maybe go out to the park, or whatever you would normally do.  I will cut all this footage together in a very lovely mini documentary, which will always help you to remember what an day in your baby's life was all about.  Because before you know it they have grown up and those days are gone!

This would also make a lovely gift. :-D

Please contact me to book or for more information:

Tel 07710 616006

[email protected]


Expiring: 27 06 2018