Birth Announcement Video (Unpublished)


Submitted by Member 381 on 5-Jun-2013

£200 (of which £150 can be bartering pounds)

Our birth annoucement video, is a great opportunity to show off your new baby to the world and notify all your friends and family, whilst at the same time keeping a lovely keepsake of those first few dizzying days with your new baby.

I would come to your home and spend a little while with you and your family, taking some video of your little one and  you.  I would record you talking about how you feel about your new addition and the name you have given him/her and why.  Plus I would use lovely music and graphics to introduce your lovely new addition to the family.

This is also a great gift for any expecting parents.

For more information, contact me on:

tel. 07710 616006

[email protected]


Expiring: 27 06 2018