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Showcase Your Business on Pinterest to 8,000 followers

Pinterest LogoDo you want to take part in the Pinterest frenzy and have your business showcased in front of 8,000+ followers?

I will add 1 pin (photo or videos) from your website or blog for 5 days on the most relevant board/s for your business (I have 48 boards).

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Promotional Video - Scribbler Video

I can create a great promotional video for your business, starting from as little as £100.  This video does not involve being filmed and is great for those who are camera shy.  For an example of the type of film I am talking about look here:

If you are interested, please get in touch today.

[email protected]

Tel. 07710 616006


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Welcome Video

For the little price of £250 (£150 of these can be Barter A£), I can create an online video for your business, which will help your customers to understand what your business has to offer. This is beneficial to you, as your customers will stay on your website longer, get a better understanding of your product or service and according to research are 76% more likely to buy from you.  Also these videos can be shared on social media which will increase brand awareness and get your more customers.

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How to Build a Soapbox

Brackley hosts a local Soapbox Derby each year and it's great fun!  If you want to get involved but you have no idea where to get started - I can show you how to build your own Soapbox using wood and recycled materials.

The Business Barter NetworkThis is a picture of my son Alexander who came 2nd in the 2012 Junior entry.

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Baby's Day Out Video

£250.00 (£150 of which can be Action Pounds)

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Birth Announcement Video

£200 (of which £150 can be bartering pounds)

Our birth annoucement video, is a great opportunity to show off your new baby to the world and notify all your friends and family, whilst at the same time keeping a lovely keepsake of those first few dizzying days with your new baby.

27 06 2018 Member 381 Northamptonshire
Video Scripting / Story Boarding

£50 per session - up to 2 hours.

27 06 2018 Member 381 Northamptonshire
Colour or Black & White Leaflet Printing

We have a fantastic full colour copier, capable of A4 collated documents together double sided if needed. We would like to offer any local charity or local cause the opportunity to have printed either: 500 x A4 single sided colour copies or 250 x A4 double sided colour copies or 750 x A4 single sided B&W copies or 375 x A4 double sided B&W copies Cc50 Action Pounds

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Time to get your bike serviced...

Baynards BikesSpring is in the air and I'll soon be cycling into work again!  12 miles a day, keeps me fit, it's a great ride and I save a fortune on petrol!

I refurbish and maintain MOUNTAIN and ROAD BIKES stripping them down completely, de-greasing all parts, replacing any worn parts with new and re packing bearings with new grease.

27 06 2018 Member 4 OX27 7SS
Social Media Support for Beginners

Love it or hate it, social media is necessary for your business now and moreso in the future. If you do not yet have an influential, online social media presence and you would like one - I can help you. 80% of businesses are spending far too much time on their social media and seeing little or no return for their efforts. I will show you how to run a successful social media campaign for your business in just 30 minutes a day. At the end of the session, you will have a unique profile on Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter.

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2013 Your Social Media ROI

2013 is the year to focus on your business social media - making it easier for you to manage and a lot more effective for potential customers to buy from YOU online and offline.

In 2011 Google reported that before people would buy from your business they needed to have 5.2 useful interactions - in 2012 that figure more than doubled to 10.7!

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Massage, EFT and Health & Wellbeing Coaching at Holistic Healing

Holistic healing means taking an holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances and choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle.

What primarily distinguishes holistic healing apart from alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine is that physical health is not necessarily the main focus.

Even so, it is often the experience of physical discomfort that will first prompt a person’s pursuit of holistic healing.

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Branded QR Code


We can design a branded QR code to go to a landing page of your choice, or a call me/send me an SMS etc.

Branded QR (quick response) codes help companies to increase their brand awareness by using them on advertising material, business cards etc.

The initial QR code will be Cc 50 Action Pounds + £25.00. If more than one QR code is required please contact us for a price as additional codes will be discounted.

27 06 2018 Member 63 NN13 6NT
How can I help you?

I work in a freelance role helping small and medium sized Businesses market and sell their products and services.

My focus has been in the areas of Information Technology and Business Services but I am happy to operate in different markets.

Please contact me if you feel that I can be of help to you.

27 06 2018 Member 90 OX26 4LD
SEO for Small Business / SEO Healthcheck

Would you like to see your website generate more interest for your business?

Many businesses these days have websites, while still relying mainly on offline marketing to make the phones ring and bring customers through the door.

Rather than just be a place where people who already know you can contact you, your website should work hard at attracting new customers and promoting your work.

The trick to making your website work harder is good SEO - and no, it's not witchcraft, nor rocket science!

27 06 2018 Member 9 NN12
Venue For Meetings/Team Building

We have a wonderful space upstairs in our tea room which is the perfect venue for off site meetings & team building.

We are offering the use of this space on Mondays ALL Day.

ONLY Cc 35 Action Pounds

Catering for your meeting/event can also be arranged on booking, but will be charged in £ with a 10% discount off standard rates. Prices start from £5.50+VAT per head for a light lunch (includes tea & coffee throughout the day)

27 06 2018 Member 59 NN13 5PB
Search Engine Optimisation

Google and other search engines look for dozens of your website's attributes.

7 or 8 are the most important, and quickest to implement, but are they on your website?

For Cc25, I will review your site, and help you implement these top features to raise your profile. I'll also submit your site to Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, as well as making sure you are listed with Google Business Listings. If not already, I can install Google Analytics to aid SEO. Finally, I'll list you on a couple of key websites.

27 06 2018 Member 22 OX27
Twitter for Business: Make the Bird Work for You

Would you like to use Twitter to promote your business, but don't know where to start?

Web to Success offers an Introduction to Twitter for Business to get you up and running in no time.

Based on where you're at already we cover:

* Setting up a Twitter account
* Twitter etiquette
* Building a list of potential customers
* Writing tweets
* Using hash tags
* Tweeting: when, how and how often
* Using curated content
* Twitter automation tools - how to save time promoting your business

27 06 2018 Member 9 NN12
CV writing service

Get yourself noticed by having a consultation with a qualified Careers & Employment skills coach who will then tailor make a CV that will impress a potential employer.

Cc 50 - plus £50

This covers 4 hours of work including 1 hour consultation face to face if in the local area of Bicester or over the phone.

If the work requirement takes longer each hour I will charge £25.00 per hour, the amount quoted as above is based on the average time that it takes me to complete these services, but can depend on industry type etc.

27 06 2018 Member 21 OX26 3EX
German Translation

Like riding a bike - you tend never to forget your native language!

If you need help deciphering anything German, please contact me.

From a few phrases to letters, product instructions to website content.

Little jobs free, larger jobs cc25 per hour.

27 06 2018 Member 9 NN12
Professional Massage Couch

Professional Mobile Massage Couch for Hire.

Carry Bag
Height adjustable
Adjustable back recliner
No stain pvc leather covering (wipe clean)
Face cradle (removable)
Lightweight frame
5cm thick high density foam

For Hire @ Cc20 Action Pounds per day

27 06 2018 Member 3 Baynards Green
45 Fold Away Blue Plastic Chairs For Hire

These chairs are really comfortable. Great for a party or event.

All chairs are new and in VGC.

The chairs are Avis Blue, wipe clean durable plastic and they stack, one on top of the other.

Rental: Cc50 per day.

27 06 2018 Member 3 Baynards Green
Very Pinteresting!

30 minutes of nothing but Pinterest for Business.

Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other objects to their pinboard.

Pinterest is excellent for business taking very little time (it's a pleasure to use) to manage your target marketing and sales.

Pinterest also includes standard social networking features ... you can post your pin on Facebook, to Twitter, by email and you can save images to your camera phone too!

Cc25 Action Pounds
Session will last approx. 40 mins

27 06 2018 Member 3 Baynards Green
NEW Handmade Leather Original Bagsi Bag

Bagsi Fluffy Bags are unique, exclusive and individual. Because they are created as ‘special editions’ you won't find them on the High Street or in any other outlet, anywhere!

27 06 2018 Member 3 Baynards Green