CollaborAction POP UP GTD events

Submitted by Member 3 on 19-Nov-2012

We all have needs in business, whether it’s more customers/clients, better resources, innovation, marketing, keeping up with all the new technology, social media and online developments.

If you work a lot on your own… productive ‘in-person’ CollaborAction POP UP GTD (get things done) events are a must!

Expiring: 27 06 2018

Showcase Your Business on Pinterest to 8,000 followers

Submitted by Member 3 on 6-Jun-2013

Pinterest LogoDo you want to take part in the Pinterest frenzy and have your business showcased in front of 8,000+ followers?

I will add 1 pin (photo or videos) from your website or blog for 5 days on the most relevant board/s for your business (I have 48 boards).

Expiring: 27 06 2018