Books, DVD's & Film

Books, DVD's & Film

Birth Announcement Video

Submitted by Member 381 on 5-Jun-2013

£200 (of which £150 can be bartering pounds)

Our birth annoucement video, is a great opportunity to show off your new baby to the world and notify all your friends and family, whilst at the same time keeping a lovely keepsake of those first few dizzying days with your new baby.

Welcome Video

Submitted by Member 381 on 5-Jun-2013

For the little price of £250 (£150 of these can be Barter A£), I can create an online video for your business, which will help your customers to understand what your business has to offer. This is beneficial to you, as your customers will stay on your website longer, get a better understanding of your product or service and according to research are 76% more likely to buy from you.  Also these videos can be shared on social media which will increase brand awareness and get your more customers.

Promotional Video - Scribbler Video

Submitted by Member 381 on 5-Jun-2013

I can create a great promotional video for your business, starting from as little as £100.  This video does not involve being filmed and is great for those who are camera shy.  For an example of the type of film I am talking about look here:

If you are interested, please get in touch today.

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Submitted by Member 3 on 15-Jul-2012

I have written a book and would like to get it printed. If you are a printer/publisher or you know of any - please could you let me know.