Action Pounds The Peoples Currency

You don't have to choose between earning a living and making a difference...

There's real hope now and it's coming from the rapidly growing field of social entreprenuership which embraces people, planet and profit.  Scores of people (myself included) realise that actually, money is quite limited and there are more beneficial ways to tap into the wealth and abundance of our resources. 

People who participate in The People's Currency make the choice to exchange their goods and services for Action Pounds, not because they cannot afford to buy goods with cash, but because they want to be smarter with their money, make more of their resources, have more meaningful interactions with others and feel good about doing good in the Community.

For me, using Action Pounds - The People's Currency is about empowered living. It is about smarter consumption, engaging in more meaningful ways and being part of a very positive and creative solution.

We want to dis-prove the massive and underlying assumption that money is necessary to survive - it just isn't the case!  There are many more creative (some even quicker) ways to abundance and value than money can buy - The People's Currency is one of them! 

I believe that the difference between us crashing as a humanity and civilisation, or collectively enjoying a rewarding, generous and bountiful life, very much depends on our willingness to wholeheartedly communicate, co-operate and collaborate in more creative ways - not limited to money."   Leesa Daymond



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