If you’re a small business some of the benefits are...

  • Action Pounds are credited to your account – so you can make a purchase straight away
  • Offset some of your business expenses using Action Pounds
  • Earn valuable income for down time, unsold services or unfilled appointments – don’t let them go to waste
  • Avoid ‘discounting' or voucher wars and receive full value for your goods and services
  • Improve your cash flow by using some Action Pounds
  • Enable cash debts to be paid in Action Pounds
  • Support your local community by donating Action Pounds
  • Have 24/7 access to more people, resources and suppliers
  • Enjoy being a member of an active and positive community
  • Treat yourself, your employees, family, friends, customers and suppliers with Action Pounds
  • We can help you to find suppliers and customers
  • Share your business on the Network and we will share on social media channels

If you're an individual, the benefits to you are:

  • Using Action Pounds can save you money and help others
  • Helping local businesses thrive in the face of recession and fierce competition from chain stores
  • Working to reduce your town's carbon footprint by supplying more of its needs locally
  • See at a glance what's on offer in the network
  • You can earn £A's (action pounds) by working with businesses that are involved in the scheme
  • You can trade (sell) items to the network
  • You can trade your time for Action Pounds
  • You can hire out your tools/equipment - top 3 most wanted items are..

Tools and DIY equipment / Gardening items / Camping and travel items

  • Enjoy being a member of an active community loyalty scheme
  • Treat yourself, your family and friends with services bought with Action Pounds
  • Earn some valuable Action Pounds.
  • Enjoy being a member of an active community loyalty scheme
  • Treat yourself, your family and friends or neighbours with goods and services bought with Action Pounds

If you are a community group or charity the benefits to you are:

  • Sell your surplus event tickets – earn valuable Action Pounds
  • Free line of credit – Your account is immediately credited with £A200 Action Pounds so you can make a purchase straight away!
  • Wider audience to reach and share with
  • Enjoy local community sponsorship and support
  • You can establish awareness in your local community
  • You can receive donations of Actions Pounds
  • Develop your social footprint through our media channels
  • You can promote your group
  • Bring in more members
  • Establish greater awareness
  • Enjoy networking with the wider community
  • Opportunity to trade as a group
  • Develop your social impact/footprint

Action Pounds - The People's Currency system is highly secure and all accounts are password protected so there can be no fraud or funny business. Join us in using Action Pounds - The People's Currency building a sustainable network and efficient community economy.

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